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Sunday, April 21, 2013


Hi all!  I just wanted to share a new Youtube video that I put together.  It features the Some Odd Girl image called Fairy Magic that I recently used on this card.  It's a little different than my other video's because I actually tried speaking this time- so please have mercy on me!  Hopefully I'll get better :)  I hope you enjoy- if you have any tips or requests for me please let me know!  Thanks for stopping by!


Rachel Parys said...

Oooo...definitely going to watch this!! I'm too chicken to make videos! lol!

lenny said...

Wow!! Thanks for sharing this!! Just watched the! wow! wow!
Love it! Thanks for sharing! Gonna re-watch and ...take notes! LOL
Okay...back to correction work right now!
Have a great week!!

Jill said...

Oh sweetie, I can't wait to get home from work to see this!!
Your colouring is like always out of this world and I just love everything you do...
Have a wonderful week my friend and thank you for the birthday wishes for Gabriella ♥
BIG hugs

Kristy said...

OMG Katie you have such an adorable voice! :D Great video!