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Monday, September 29, 2014

Creative Blog Hop

Hiya all!  Got something a little different for you today- one of my very favorite crafty peeps, the one-and-only Odd Girl herself, Kristy Dalman tagged me to participate in the Creative Blog Hop and I'm happy to participate!  I was lucky enough to meet Kristy when she was crazy enough to offer me a spot on her design team for Some Odd Girl a couple years back and since then we've gotten to meet up twice in person to work CHA.  I feel so blessed to call her a friend :)

Right!  Now onto the very important questions part of the hop- away we go!

What am I working on now?
Currently I'm working on some design team stuff that I can't really show you just yet- but stay tuned cause it will be fun!  I'm also filling some card orders- one of which is a baby shower card- full post to come soon :)

How does my work differ from others in my genre?
Hmmm, I mainly make cards although I like to alter things now and then as well.  I love to color with my Copics and usually the images that I choose are the main focus of anything I'm doing.  I love patterned paper and a decent amount of bling- there's definitely no denying that I'm a girly kinda girl, lol.  I've been trying to push beyond my comfort zone more lately and try some different styles- I don't know that I'm always successful but I think it's good to push yourself.  I'd also like to try my hand at full on scrapbooking but I gotta find the time first!
Trixxie Treat- Kenny K Downloads

Why do I create what I do?
I kinda fell into card making accidentally after making a spur of the moment gift for someone.  My uncle had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and my aunt was taking care of him at home.  After a trip to visit, seeing the struggle she was going through, and feeling, to be honest, quite helpless I decided to make her a handmade quote book full of inspirational quotes.  After searching online and gathering quotes I printed them in different fonts on pieces of paper, decorated them, and then inserted them into a 5x7 photo album.  Now, knowing what I know of the craft world, it wasn't unlike a mini album or even a small project life type book but at the time I didn't really know what I was doing creatively I was just trying to make something special for her.  But once I delivered the gift and saw what an impact something handmade could make I kind of got hooked.  I felt completely overwhelmed by something like an entire scrapbook but a card was something made to be given away and a much easier task to wrap my brain around.  So I started making cards, then started selling them, found out that there was a whole blog community and joined up, bought some Copics, and the rest, as they say, is history :)

How does my creative process work?
To be honest- my creative process is not set in stone and I think that's partly 'it' works!  Sometimes I start coloring an image before I pick papers; sometimes I color to match specifically what I'm going to use.  Sometimes I'll have an idea already in my mind of exactly how I want a particular card to look- there's no real thinking behind it- it's just kind of there in my minds eye so to speak.  Other times I have absolutely no idea where I'm going so I just start pulling out paper, embellishments- anything I think I might want to use and set them on my desk and start messing around placing things here and there.  Because of this my workspace is usually a complete disaster- but I find if everything is put away then I hit a mental block and all my mojo goes away.  

I think my creative process is reflection of how I like to live my life- I'm not super big on planning and like to be spontanious.  I do my best work when I'm under the gun of a deadline and like to feel like I have one too many things waiting in the wings for me to get to- that way I'm never in danger of being bored.  It's kind of a crazy way to do things but I figure it balances out my work life where I have to be incredibly organized and detail oriented all the time.  My creative process allows me to be free- and really isn't that what creativity should do- free our minds?

Thank you so much for sticking with me through these questions- I love being able to share a little piece of me with all of you :)  The next part of the hop is to invite 3 crafty people that inspire me to take part in the hop next Monday Oct 3rd so make sure you stop by their blogs to see how they answered these questions!

A few things about Lenny in her own words..."I'm from Belgium and teach French in the 7th and 8th grade.  I love papercrafting as well as reading, traveling, baking, gardening and floral arranging."  I chose Lenny because I love her style and the way you can just tell how much she loves creating- it's one of my favorite things about reading her blog posts :)

A few things about Tabbatha in her own words..."Hi, I'm Tabbatha.  I'm an American living in Sweden who has just become a full fledged Swedish citizen!  I love design.  I love knitting.  I love photography.  And I love food!"  I chose Tabbatha because I love her bright and graphic style and looking at her cards always make me think "Oh, I want to try that!" :)

A few things about Rachel in her own words..."I started scrapbooking 15 years ago after my first daughter was born and started stamping and card making 3 years ago.  I am addicted!  I love sharing ideas and getting inspiration from other who are just as obsessed as I am!"  I chose Rachel because her cards are just the cutest and I love scrolling through her blog for inspiration :)

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lenny said...

So honored that you chose me as one of your three picks...THANKS SO MUCH, Katie!!! :)