Monday, September 29, 2014

Some Odd Girl 'Digi Me' Contest

Hiya peeps!  Guess what's going down over at Some Odd Girl?  A hot new little contest with the chance to have your very own digi idea brought to life by Kristy!
Well, I couldn't wait to play along so let get started shall we?

First of all I've got to pick which character I'd like my image to be and I've got to go with Miss Kaylee for this entry because I love her cute quirky hair and feel like this could totally be her style :)

Second I get to share what exactly I'd like my image to look like so I hit up Pinterest and totally found some inspiration- I think Kaylee would look freakin' awesome as a cool rocker chick :)
Maybe a skull or two incorporated on the shirt or accessories (like a skull necklace perhaps!)  And maybe even a pair of headphones around her neck because you know as a rocker chick she's got to keep her tunes close at all times :)
Rocker Chic - Polyvore. Just with lower heel boots.

And then the final thing to guide Kristy in drawing the image is pose.  Now this was a harder one for me but I think I'll go with something kind of like this...crossed legs and maybe the body turned slightly so it's a little more coy :)

Holy smokes, now this has been fun!  I might not be able to hold myself back from doing another entry or two since there are 3 entries allowed via each platform.  I sure hope you'll play along in designing something too- the possibilities are endless and I can't wait to see what ideas are floating out there for cool images!

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lenny said...

Fun photo collage, Katie!!