Friday, May 11, 2012

A Very Special Craft Room

Hi All!  Boy, I feel like lately I always start my posts with an apology for not being a good blogger!  But I've had some great things happening in my personal life lately which has kept me a little busy and a lot temporarily disorganized, lol.  This is probably going to be a pretty picture heavy post (although not any cards just yet) so hopefully you'll make it to the end :)

First amazing thing that happened is that I was able to attend the Standard and Intermediate Copic Certification classes in Seattle taught by Lori Craig and Sherrie Siemens- can I just say 'WOW!'...I learned so much and met some wonderful people...I can't wait to try some more daring techniques and push myself to use all this new knowledge :)

Second thing that happened recently is I moved- yippee!  The moving process itself is not my favorite with all the packing and unpacking of boxes before you feel like you're really home but there was some huge motivation keeping me going- I now have my very own craft room!!!  I'm telling ya, I can hardly believe it...I seriously just stop sometimes in the doorway and smile :)  Which brings me to the pictures part of this post- I'm pretty sure that my craft stuff will never again be this clean and organized so I thought I'd give ya a little tour of my new space- it's not totally complete yet- I've got some more stuff to hang on the walls and might even paint a bit to get some bright colors in there- but I just couldn't wait one more second to share! 

First, for some comparison, this is where I was working- in my bedroom...

And the oasis that I have now :)

I got this awesome dining room table off of Craigslist for a steal- I love all the workspace and it easily holds my 12x12 paper cutter and scoreboard.

Plenty of room at the desk now- although it won't take long to be covered with so much stuff that I barely have room to work, lol :)

I purchased the shelving at Target and got a kitchen cart from a discount store to hold my printers so they can both be out at all times.

To insert some color I picked up these woven baskets at Michaels and some glass colored pails from Craft Warehouse on clearance.  I also grabbed this new die storage case and magnatic sheets by ArtBin- I've been trying to find a really good way to store my metal dies and this fits the bill perfectly.

Then to top it all off I applied a vinyl saying to the wall above the shelving that seems to be fitting for this little room of mine...

 If you made it through the whole post I hope that you enjoyed my little tour!  Now that all the boxes are unpacked and things feel like home I can't wait to get into my new craft room and make a total mess and get back to the crafting and blogging that I love!


Chrissy said...

Fantastic space Katie..lucky girl.I would smile too, standing at the wont know yourself..


Johanna said...

Congratulations to your new craft room! Looks very nice and spacious. Can't wait to see all the creations you're going to make there! :o)

Eulanda said...

That is AWESOME!! Wow you have been busy but I'm so happy for you. There's nothing like having your own space and not having to put anything away if you're half finished. So happy for you!

Lindsey Wood said...

Yeah you have your own happy room!!! Does that mean you have room to make cards with a friend? Wink wink. Love the new space! Congrats!

Roxy said...

Your room looks fabulous, and I'm a wee bit jealous!

EELS said...

Congratulations on acquiring your very own complete craftroom, I wouldn't be without mine.
Love your blog too which I found via the Saturated Canary blog. I have now become your latest follower.

I'm getting a new addition to my craftroom which I'll be posting a pic of on my blog soon, can hardly wait!
Cheers from australia